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News: Mother, Two Kids Rescued from Car Stuck in Birmingham Flood Waters

Darren Kies July 28, 2021

BIRMINGHAM, AL — A woman and her two children were evacuated from a car Tuesday afternoon that was stalled in high flood waters near the Avondale neighborhood in Birmingham, according to CBS42.

Crews with Birmingham Fire and Rescue responded to the incident in the 3200 block of Messer Airport Highway.

The woman had made a decision to cross a significant body of water impacting the roadway after observing another car make it to the other side. Even though the water was not high enough to flood the mother’s vehicle, it proved high enough to stall it.

Firefighters worked to guide the mother and two children from the vehicle and onto a dry area.

No injuries have been reported in the incident.

Crews have been assigned to retrieving the stalled vehicle from the water.

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