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What to Do & What Not to Do After an Injury

Kies Law LLC Aug. 8, 2022

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be wondering what happens next in your personal injury case and whether you are entitled to any compensation. While each case is unique, there are certain dos and don’ts that can be applied to the vast majority of all personal injury cases. The steps you take after an injury are extremely important to your personal injury claim. Unfortunately, many accident victims make certain mistakes that can result in their claim being denied or undervalued. 

At Kies Law LLC, we provide legal counsel to injured victims and help them fight for the compensation to which they are entitled. From our office in Birmingham, Alabama, we have been serving all of Alabama since 2005. The areas that we serve include Hoover, Bessemer, Tuscaloosa, and Montgomery.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Alabama

People get injured in different kinds of scenarios, including but not limited to slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents, violence, and many others. In 2019, over 46,300 people were injured in road accidents in Alabama, according to the state’s Department of Transportation.

Filing a personal injury claim to recover damages may not be an easy task, especially if you live in Alabama. There are two laws that might affect your ability to file a personal injury claim in Alabama:

  • Statute of limitations. Under Alabama law, injured victims have only two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit against the negligent party.

  • Contributory negligence. Alabama is one of few states that still follow the contributory negligence rule. Under this rule, injured victims cannot recover any damages if they were in any way at fault for the accident. 

There are other challenges that you may face when filing a personal injury claim, which is why you’ll need to contact a skilled attorney to help you navigate the process.

The Dos and Don’ts of the
Personal Injury Claims Process

The personal injury claims process may seem like a daunting process. However, you can make things less complicated and confusing by familiarizing yourself with some of the basic “do’s and don’ts” of the process:

  1. Don’t leave the scene until you have exchanged information. A common mistake people make when they get injured is failing to write down each other’s contact and insurance information.

  2. Don’t talk about the case. Discussing your personal injury case with anyone other than your attorney could jeopardize your claim. The same can be said about posting on social media about the accident and your injury. If you are not careful, your social media posts could give an insurance company grounds to deny your claim.

  3. Don’t speak with the insurance adjuster until you talk to an attorney. When you get injured, expect to get a call from the insurance adjuster in the first few hours or days. Insurance adjusters are not looking out for your best interests. Without an attorney, you are easy prey for insurers during the personal injury claims process.

  4. Don’t accept the insurance company’s initial settlement offer right away. You need to take your time to consider the offer and speak with your attorney to ensure that the proposed amount reflects the full value of your claim.

  5. Don’t neglect your injuries. People often underestimate the severity of their injuries, while others skip medical care because of the high cost of medical care. However, neglecting your injuries and delaying medical treatment could jeopardize your legal claim and aggravate your injuries.

  6. Do contact a personal injury attorney. Although you have no obligation to hire an attorney, seeking legal counsel can make a substantial difference in the amount of money you can receive. An attorney will guide you through the personal injury claims process to ensure that you do not make mistakes.

  7. Do keep records of everything. After you get injured, you need to be meticulous about gathering records for your personal injury claim. Organized and detailed records are crucial to the success of your claim.

  8. Do take notes of everything. Writing down everything you can remember following the accident is important because memories can fade over time. Take notes of everything that might seem relevant to your personal injury claim, including the pain you have endured, the challenges you face with your injury, the medical procedures you undergo, and more.

  9. Do follow through with your treatment plan. Make sure that you follow the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor. Get all recommended follow-up care and keep track of your medical expenses.

  10. Do gather all available evidence. The evidence that you gather when filing a personal injury claim plays a pivotal role in determining the outcome of your case. A knowledgeable attorney can help you figure out the types of evidence you need to prove your case and obtain the compensation you deserve.

These are not the only things you should know about the personal injury claims process. Since each case is unique, it is crucial to seek legal guidance from a skilled attorney to ensure that you pursue fair compensation. At Kies Law LLC, we understand what challenges lie ahead for injured victims. We are committed to providing trusted legal guidance to clients throughout the state of Alabama.

Turn to Trusted Legal Guidance

When you get injured, seeking compensation can be a long and overwhelming journey. The personal injury claims process is full of do’s and don’ts, so the steps you take after an injury will impact the outcome of your case. Reach out to Kies Law LLC if you were injured in Birmingham, Alabama, or other parts of the state and need guidance about your next steps. Set up a consultation to discuss your case.