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Car Accidents Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

Though car accidents often happen in an instant, they can cause physical, financial, and emotional burdens that may impact a victim’s life for months or even years to come. Additionally, some victims never fully recover. If you have found yourself injured after a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to compensation to help you recoup economic and non-economic damages.

We’ve been fighting on behalf of injured individuals in Birmingham and beyond since 2005. Schedule a free initial consultation with our attorney today if you are located in any of the surrounding areas of Alabama, including Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, or Bessemer.

Car Accident Cases We Handle

At Kies Law LLC, our experienced attorney has helped thousands of crash victims get their lives back on track after an auto accident. We handle cases involving:

  • Accidents caused by uninsured and underinsured motorists

  • Accidents caused by drunk drivers

  • Reckless driving and speeding accidents

  • Texting and distracted driving accidents

No matter the circumstances surrounding your car accident, if negligence was at play, we are here to help. Whether we can settle your case out of the courtroom or we must file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver to seek the compensation you need to recover, we will stop at nothing to advocate for you.

After a Car Accident

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Pursuing Compensation in Alabama

Alabama is an at-fault state, meaning that whoever is found to be responsible for your accident is also responsible for compensating injured parties.

If you were hurt in a car crash, you have three methods of pursuing compensation. You can file a claim with your own insurance company, file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, or pursue a lawsuit in court against the at-fault driver.

Your first-party benefits may cover some of your losses, but if you’re seeking full compensation, you will likely have to take action against the at-fault driver. However, Alabama operates under the contributory negligence rule, which states that if you are found to be partially responsible for the accident in which you were injured, you cannot recover damages. So, it is essential that you speak with an attorney before filing a lawsuit.

At Kies Law LLC, we believe that our clients deserve the chance to secure the compensation they deserve. From lost wages and medical expenses to property damage and pain and suffering, we will strive to fight for the damages you need to cover your tangible and intangible losses.

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As a former insurance defender, our personal injury attorney understands how the insurance giants operate, and he will strive to proactively strategize against their tactics. While these corporations are only looking out for themselves, Attorney Kies is looking out for you. Let him advocate for your best interests and fight for the results you deserve.

As we work through your case, don’t hesitate to reach out when questions or concerns arise. We prioritize accessibility and collaboration, so we’ll be here to seek answers, provide reassurance, or simply offer a listening ear when you need it most.

You have just two years from the date of your auto accident to take action against the at-fault driver, so time is of the essence. Schedule a free initial consultation with us today to start the process of holding negligent drivers accountable for their reckless, careless, or downright dangerous behavior. From our office in Birmingham, Alabama, we proudly represent injured individuals in the surrounding areas, including Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, and Bessemer.

Car Accidents Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

After suffering injuries in a car accident, you may feel unsure of where to turn. At Kies Law LLC, we strive to provide a roadmap to guide you forward. Schedule a free initial consultation with our attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, today to tell your side of the story and start seeking the compensation you deserve.