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Dog Bite Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog attack, then it’s crucial that you reach out to an experienced injury lawyer to help you navigate the legal process of holding the dog owner and any insurance company accountable for the lack of animal control. While some of these injuries are minor and don’t require extensive medical care, not all animal attacks are so tame. When you’re the victim of a dog bite or dog attack, it can be a traumatic experience that can inflict both physical injuries and emotional scarring. Dogs can be powerful animals that can cause the need for ongoing medical treatment, and an aggressive or vicious dog can cause serious injuries, leading to severe pain, disability, or even a wrongful death claim.

Under the strict liability statute, dog owners can be held liable for the injuries and property damage that their dogs cause when they attack victims. If the victims are also able to separately prove negligence claims, they may recover the following types of damages:

  • Past and future medical costs

  • Disfigurement damages

  • Past and future income losses

  • Losses for the reduction of the quality of life

  • Pain and suffering

  • For spouses, loss of consortium if applicable